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Investment – test comparisons

Investment – test comparisons

If you have money to invest and are looking for the most attractive form of investment possible, you will quickly come across various platforms on the Internet that compare investment offers. These are platforms such as Stiftung Warentest, Morningstar, CHECK24, or Scope.

Some specialize in comparisons of overnight, fixed-term and term deposits, others in comparisons of securities account and order costs, and others in test comparisons of investment funds or ETFs (“Exchange Traded Funds”).

Some of these platforms enjoy a particularly high level of trust among investors; this is especially true of Stiftung Warentest. These platforms for comparisons are also helpful in identifying fraudulent and dubious providers. When comparing and testing offers of overnight, fixed-term and term deposits, it is not only the interest rate that matters, but also the creditworthiness of the provider. And this is where the comparison platforms can provide good support based on experience.

By setting comparable frameworks for the tests and comparisons, investors can filter out more attractive offers and gain an understanding of the respective costs. However, the individual and personal needs of the investor are naturally not taken into account.

The investment of money is determined by many other personality areas or influences them in return: age, family situation, health, housing, vacation trips, work, hobbies and consumer behavior, to name just a few. Every person sets different priorities in his life and has certain values and ideas. And so everyone sets different standards when it comes to investing money. There is no one right investment for everyone. But the one right individual strategy for investing money.

A strategy that is determined by several influencing factors: the time horizon of the investment period, personal risk tolerance and personal risk capacity.

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For investors with €100,000 or more

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    In order to be able to correctly assess all these factors and components, you need an experienced consultant. In a personal conversation with the investor, they can use specific questions to get an idea of ​​the investor’s personality and classify their circumstances. Together, an individual investment strategy can be developed, which can then be played through in different scenarios.

    Genève Invest has developed four basic investment strategies for this purpose:

    1. Fixed income
    2. Income plus return
    3. Balanced portfolio
    4. Dynamic portfolio

    The transitions between the strategies are fluid and can be determined quite individually by the investor.

    Conclusion: Test comparisons for a single investment are helpful and useful, but anyone who wants to invest a portfolio with an investment volume of EUR 100,000 and more in the long term and profitably should seek personal discussion with a competent expert. In this way, it is possible to develop an individual investment strategy that meets personal circumstances and needs.