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Sustainability at Genève Invest

Sustainable investing is often associated with ESG criteria. These three letters stand for “Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance”.

When it comes to environmental and climate protection, the efficient and economical use of resources, emissions, innovations and nuclear energy is a key factor in protecting our planet’s natural resources. In the area of social and human rights, the treatment of employees, respect for human rights, ethnic groups, diversity, consumer protection, animal welfare and responsibility for the company’s own products are essential aspects that should be taken into account in all social impacts of the company’s activities. Human dignity should always be respected and there should be good conditions for all. Relevant for corporate governance are the behavior and compensation of the company’s management, the management structures and the behavior towards the owners. Ethical principles should be characterized above all by transparency and fairness, both vis-à-vis the public and within the company.

At Genève Invest, we have integrated the issue of sustainability into our own activities and corporate culture in order to provide our clients with excellent services over the long term.

The company Genève Invest

Transparency and responsibility are deeply embedded in our corporate culture. Compliance with international and national laws and our ethical principles determine our actions. All employees are individually promoted and trained in order to be able to offer an attractive workplace. We are rising to the challenge of offering our customers attractive and suitable offers and products in the spirit of sustainability. In doing so, we attach great importance to sustainable and long-term value creation in order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

The investment process

Genève Invest is convinced that sustainability is a key issue of our time and will influence events on a global level in the future. For this reason, we support the global shift toward a sustainable, climate-neutral and social economy. Ecological, social and corporate aspects are taken into account in fundamental analyses. Our focus is on investments that offer long-term added value, rather than speculative exposures that promise short-term gain at high risk.

Individual asset management based on single stocks allows us to take into account the specific preferences of our clients. We avoid investing in companies associated with weapons, human and labor rights abuses, corruption and bribery, nuclear energy, tobacco and alcohol. Clients can make detailed requests to our asset management team.

Sustainable investment criteria are taken into account when evaluating investment decisions. Our analysis and documentation processes are not yet set up in such a comprehensive way that we promote investments that take ESG and sustainability criteria into account. In our opinion, an independent and objective database is missing so far, which allows a reliable allocation of the companies and prevents green washing. Our stated goal is to be able to offer investments and products that comply with Article 8 of the Disclosure Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2019/2088) in the future.