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Genève Invest (Europe) S.A. is based in Luxembourg (an authorized asset management company recognized by the “Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier” – CSSF). The corporate parent Genève Invest S.à.r.l. is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Why Genève Invest?

Genève Invest is an experienced Fixed Income specialist and enables private investors the compilation of a professional portfolio, which is otherwise only possible for institutional investors such as pension funds and college funds.

Our Performance Results

Annualized performance for all client accounts of Genève Invest S.à.r.l. during the period of 2012 until 2017 (in Euro)*

KPMG Performance Results Chart

*The historic data is no guarantee of future performance. The above-mentioned performance results are net results (after deduction of all fees but before tax) and refer to all client accounts of Genève Invest S.à.r.l., the parent company of Genève Invest (Europe) S.A.. Genève Invest (Europe) S.A. is an independent company. However, it operates with the same expertise and methodology in the same investment universe. Please CLICK HERE in order to have a detailed look at our Investment Performance Results (audited by KPMG & BDO).

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Genève Invest provides free portfolio analysis exclusively to investors with portfolios of €50,000 or more (or equivalent).

Our Clients

We provide a full range of wealth management solutions to meet the complex needs of our clients. Each client’s unique objectives are complied with customized investment opportunities. Besides profound experience & expertise, find out why our clients choose to work with Genève Invest.

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Our Investment Strategy

Our conservative investment strategies are designed to increase the prosperity of our clients. Genève Invest provides fully customized financial solutions including: Fixed Income investments in corporate bonds, dynamic value investments in quality Shares & Alternative Investments with the potential for higher income in the long-term.

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Our Investment Approach

Unique investment goals require suitable wealth management strategies. Genève Invest generally operates with a conservative approach with a clear focus set on constant and predictable cash flow. Our objective is to offer clients consistent wealth growth while avoiding speculative choices.

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