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Fixed Income

Corporate Bonds in Focus

Bonds offer a level of precision in liquidity planning that investors often find indispensable and highly valuable. The committed coupon payments and principal reimbursements from issuers contribute a sense of predictability, ensuring the ability to fulfill liquidity requirements in a consistent manner, contingent upon the financial solvency of the issuers.

Anticipating when interest payments will be received is notably advantageous, as it facilitates projection of portfolio returns over a calendar year. Furthermore, having clarity on repayment timelines enables astute planning, such as reallocating capital for new investments or financing significant purchases like a home or a boat.

Many of our clients leverage this structured cash flow to complement or substitute their existing income, while others simply relish the stability and assurance that a guaranteed income stream delivers.

The security inherent in fixed-income securities is equally noteworthy: the issuer bears the responsibility of interest payment and principal repayment, and any failure in these obligations bears significant consequences. If such an event leads to issuer bankruptcy, bondholders gain the ability to assume control of underlying assets in order to recoup a portion of their initial investment.

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The Genève Invest Concept

Corporate bonds with high yield and best risk/return ratio

Systematic focus on niche topics and special factors

Continuous and predictable revenue flow

Legal protection for bondholders: focus on secured senior bonds

Forward-looking & transparent communication with company management

Lower fluctuations in value than shares and advantages of effective diversification 

Fixed high bond rates & reduction of yield curve risk

Additional income by exploiting the yield curve effect