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Fixed Income Plus and Balanced

The right balance between stocks and bonds.

With value investing, the Genève Invest concept focuses on promising Quality Stocks and Corporate Bonds with the best risk/return ratio. 

Strategy II. Fixed Income Plus

Value investing approach (according to Charlie Munger) + Megatrends: companies with long-term and overlapping change processes that affect social and technological change

Systematic focus on niche topics and special factors

Continuous and predictable revenue flow

Legal protection bondholders: focus on secured and senior bonds

Proven (audited) high business results

Search for durable competitive advantages and moat (protective wall)

Focus on companies that generate high margins and a high return on assets 

Anticyclical action

Strategy III. Balanced Portfolio

Corporate bonds with high yield and best risk/return ratio 

Systematic focus on niche topics and special factors 

Continuous and predictable revenue flow 

Legal protection for bondholders: focus on secured and senior bonds

Forward-looking & transparent communication with company management 

Lower fluctuations in value than shares and advantages of effective diversification 

Fixed high bond rates & reduction of yield curve risk

Additional earnings by exploiting the yield curve effect

The aim of our balanced strategy is to achieve a higher return in the medium to long term compared to a purely Fixed Income investment portfolio. The equity component offers participation in developments on the stock markets and is therefore the main driver of the strategy’s performance. The focus is on stocks of high-quality global companies whose industries are benefiting from drivers of growth. The bond component is used for diversification to bring more calm to the portfolio compared to a pure equity investment. In addition, the constant interest payments on the bonds provide ongoing cash flow in the portfolio. This can be used for reinvestments to benefit from the compound interest effect in the long term or paid out for liquidity needs. 

Investment Strategy: Corporate Bonds 

In the Fixed Income area, we focus on niche topics and special factors that lead to higher interest rates or bond yields. These are e.g. first issues, bonds with an issue volume of less than EUR 100 million or not rated by the three major rating agencies. Special factors are crises that offer increased potential for opportunities, such as the EU sovereign debt crisis and so-called “fallen angels”. 

Security elements for risk management: 

Reduction of the yield curve risk: The maturities are on average less than four years.

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Reducing currency risk: The focus is on EUR securities, foreign currencies are only included as hard currencies from AAA countries.

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Credit Risk Reduction: In-house analysis with regular meetings with company management and focus on secured senior debt.

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Investment Strategy: Equities 

The investment strategy for equities is based on the value investing approach according to Munger. The focus is on high-quality global companies that have competitive advantages over their peers. This moat (wall of protection) enables companies to achieve high margins and thus a high return on assets. The competitive advantages can be long-term patents or licenses, high exchange fees or a strong brand. Interesting are companies that are active in growing markets and have a technological edge over their competitors. We find these companies mainly in the areas of technology, health, digitization and online consumption. 

Now is the ideal time to invest in bonds. The current corporate yields are mostly over 7.10% p.a.

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