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How to lodge a complaint with Genève Invest?

Complaints can be submitted to Genève Invest (Europe) Compliance by post, email or telephone. A complaint relating to possible fraud or breach of professional secrecy must be made in writing. To this end, a brief summary of the content of the complaint should be provided. It is also important that the name and contact details of the complainant are listed.

Give A Complaint

Genève Invest (Europe) SA
Compliance Officer 10, rue Michel Rodange L-2430 Luxembourg
Call: (+352) 278 603 29

File a complaint

Financial Sector Supervisory Commission

Department juridique CC 283, route d’Arlon, L-2991 Luxembourg
Tel: (+352) 26 25 1 – 2904
Fax: (+352) 26 25 1 – 2601

Submit complaint

The handling of complaints

Once a complaint is received by Genève Invest (Europe), receipt will be confirmed in writing. The complaint will be immediately forwarded to the relevant department and will be answered within 10 working days. This response will include the name and contact details of the appropriate officer. 

If no satisfactory answer is given, a complaint can be sent again to the managing director, Mr. Helge Müller, who is responsible for all complaints. His e-mail address is: If the handling of the complaint has not provided a satisfactory answer, in accordance with the provisions of the CSSF Regulation 16-07 – within one year from the submission of the complaint, the out-of-court resolution procedure of Complaints are taken into account. For this purpose, the Luxembourg supervisory authority can be contacted as described above.