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Competence and reliability

When the CEO of Genève Invest asked me to write about Genève Invest’s core competency, I found the task far from easy. It’s not that I don’t know the company.

As Chief Investment Officer, I helped found the company 20 years ago. But there are countless wealth managers in Europe. 

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What really sets us apart from other companies?

Since Genève Invest was founded 20 years ago, we have consistently pursued a value investing approach, both in equities and corporate bonds. Value investing is one of the great disciplines in the world of investing. Put simply, it’s about assessing the real value of an asset and buying when the price is significantly lower. At its core, the fundamentals of value investing are threefold:


The compilation and analysis of information to determine the true value of a company. 

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Price Assessment

The realization that attractive investment opportunities arise when the price traded on the market is significantly below the actual value. 

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The emotional discipline to act when such an opportunity arises and otherwise have the patience to wait.

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More than 1500 customers already trust our expertise.

Our expertise lies not only in the identification of investment opportunities and their evaluation. We think it is very important to get more information and thus reach a second level. The further information we get at this stage allows us to get a more complex picture that may not be apparent at first glance. That’s why we supplement our in-house analyses, for example, with a large number of discussions with the management of companies. 

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