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Capital market outlook: 2nd half of 2022

Stock market disaster or opportunity of the century? Probably both!

So-called black swans seem to be multiplying uncontrollably at the moment. A pandemic usually only happens once in decades. Added to this is a war in Europe that was unthinkable a few months ago and which will probably have a major impact on the political world order in the coming decades. As if that weren’t enough, inflation in Europe and the USA is rising sharply, with the result of massively rising interest rates in the major currency areas. Last but not least, a recession is now expected in the USA and Europe. It is also true for this scenario that nobody expected this just a few months ago […]

Every crisis harbors opportunities!

Topics analyzed in our current capital market outlook:

  • Review of the first half of 2022: Sharp correction
  • Winners and losers: How patience can pay off
  • Market Outlook: The global economy will continue to grow
  • Annuities: The chance of sustainably high returns
  • Equities: Strong companies weather the perfect storm
  • Foreign exchange: The US dollar is overvalued
  • Commodities: Why the oil price will fall again in the long term
  • Hot spots in 2022: Euro shock and recession

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How will things continue in the second half of 2022?

Two things are the same in every bear market: In the crisis, fear and the belief that this crisis is different from all crises before it dominate. In retrospect, the fewest fears become reality. In the end, you get angry about the missed unique opportunities. So the question has to be: “Where are the opportunities in this crisis?”

We want to answer this question and act accordingly in such a way that you as an investor benefit from it in the long term!

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