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7 Good Arguments for Corporate Bonds

Our free information brochure shows you the advantages of corporate bonds in detail:

Valuable Insights

As an established asset management company with more than 20 years of experience and over 1,000 customers, Genève Invest is one of the renowned representatives of the financial sector.

Thanks to these decades of experience, we are able to give you, as a private investor, valuable first-hand insights into the area of ​​profitable asset management.

Building capital wealth takes time, effort and knowledge. The same goes for administration. We are happy to pass on our knowledge to you in this information brochure.

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Corporate bonds with different maturities

When companies want to expand their operations or fund new ventures, they often turn to the corporate bond market to raise money from investors. A company determines how much it wants to borrow and then issues a bond offering (issuance) of that amount. Investors who buy a bond are effectively lending money to the company under the terms set out in the bond offering, known as the bond covenants.

Over the years, the corporate bond market has attracted many investors seeking higher yields than government bonds offer. Overall, corporate bonds are the second largest sector in the bond market after government bonds.

Unlike stocks, owning corporate bonds does not involve ownership of the company that issued the bond. Rather, the company borrows funds from the bondholder and pays interest over a period of time and repays the principal on the maturity date set at the time the bond is issued.

While some corporate bonds have redemption or call options that may affect maturity, most of these fall into the following maturity bands:

  • Short-term bonds with maturities of up to 5 years
  • Medium-term bonds with maturities between 5 and 12 years
  • Long-term bonds with maturities of more than 12 years.


The Geneve Invest Group has been successfully active in the field of asset management for many years and offers you valuable insights into the capital market. Find out why we have had corporate bonds in our portfolio for more than 20 years and why nothing will change in the future.

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Escape the low interest rate environment 

Carefully selected corporate bonds belong in every well-diversified portfolio. The corporate bond universe offers investors a comprehensive range of options to find the best combination of risk and return for them. Corporate bonds are therefore a core component of diversified, yield-oriented investment portfolios.

In the current environment of low-interest rates, it is practically impossible to meet the expectations of discerning investors with the traditional type of advice provided by banks and their mostly in-house products. Corporate bonds offer relevant reasons why they belong in every portfolio. Lower volatility compared to stocks and some degree of legal protection for bondholders mitigate risk. Furthermore, regular interest payments and repayments offer excellent predictability in order to optimally plan future liquidity needs.

Genève Invest specializes in fixed-income corporate bonds and uses numerous security factors for a well-founded analysis and diversified investment strategy […]

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