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10 Advantages of Bonds over Shares

Our free information brochure shows you the advantages of bonds over shares in detail:

Valuable Insights

As an established asset management company with more than 20 years of experience and over 1,000 customers, Genève Invest is one of the renowned representatives of the financial sector.

Thanks to these decades of experience, we are able to give you, as a private investor, valuable first-hand insights into the area of ​​profitable asset management.

Building capital wealth takes time, effort and knowledge. The same goes for administration. We are happy to pass on our knowledge to you in this information brochure.

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Bonds as an attractive alternative or supplement to shares

Fixed income bonds have many key advantages over investing in stocks. Bonds are characterized by a predictable cash flow and capital return. In addition, bonds enable precise liquidity planning, which is often required and greatly appreciated by investors.

It is undoubtedly useful to know in advance when returns in the form of interest payments will accrue, as it allows one to predict the returns that a portfolio may generate in a calendar year.

Some of our clients use this cash flow to supplement or replace their income, and some simply appreciate the stability and security that a predictable income stream can provide.

In our information brochure we present the 10 most important advantages over shares.


The Genève Invest Group has been successfully active in the field of asset management for many years and offers you valuable insights into the capital market. Find out why we have had corporate bonds in our portfolio for more than 20 years and why nothing will change in the future.

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Corporate bonds in particular are very interesting for private investors

For private investors, the asset class of bonds plays an important role in the portfolio context. It is one of the more defensive asset classes compared to stocks and cash and possibly real estate and commodities and often serves to stabilize a portfolio. The stabilization comes from the fact that bonds, with their interest coupons fixed in advance and their known maturity dates, generate a high and predictable cash flow (flow of capital). Among other things, this cash flow provides the cash for any adjustments to the portfolio.

In addition to government bonds, which often only achieve a low yield, there is also the corporate bond segment, whose yield and interest coupons are significantly more attractive than is usual with government bonds. Over the years, the high-yield bond market has attracted many investors seeking higher yields than government bonds or low-yield bonds.

Genève Invest is one of the leading experts in the field of high-yield corporate loans […]

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