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Our Partner Banks

Our partner banks meet the highest European standards in terms of financial strength.

Why does Genève Invest work with partner banks?

Our core competence is to analyse our client’s financial goals and optimally implement them in an individual investment strategy. Genève Invest does not replace a bank. That is why the ongoing management of our client’s investments is carried out in collaboration with our partner banks, which provide us with an infrastructure that enables us to carry out our management activities in a professional manner.

Which partner banks do Genève Invest work with?

Genève Invest works with leading partner banks in the most politically and financially stable European countries: Luxembourg and Germany. Our partner banks meet the highest European standards in terms of financial strength. We have a partnership with Banque Internationale and Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat in Luxembourg. In Germany, we work with V-Bank in Munich.

Tripartite relationship: Genève Invest – Client – Custodian bank

On behalf of our client, Genève Invest opens a securities account with one of our partner banks. Depending on the needs and objectives of our clients, we select the most suitable custodian bank. We provide our clients with a precise and transparent simulation listing the conditions of our partner banks, particularly in terms of fees. In order to offer our clients advantageous pricing, we only work with banks with which we have a partnership, thus reducing costs by up to 70%. In this respect, the custodian banks are not involved in the management of our client’s assets, as they merely serve as a depository like a “safe deposit box” of cash and securities. The client grants Genève Invest a power of attorney to represent him at the custodian bank and manage his assets. As Genève Invest is independent, we do not buy the banks’ internal products for our clients. Therefore, there is no conflict of interest between the client, Genève Invest and the custodian banks. All our custodian banks offer our clients individual and secure online access for continuous monitoring of their portfolios. Genève Invest clients can access the status of their assets in real-time and follow the management of their assets at their convenience. In addition, we send our clients regular performance reports.

Steps to contact Genève Invest

Contacting the custodian bank and Genève Invest is simple, fast and free of charge. Here are the steps :
Analysis of investment objectives and definition of the investment strategy
Cost simulation and choice of a custodian bank
Mandating Genève Invest and sending the account opening application
Account opening process, on average within ten days
Once the account is opened and active, our clients receive their IBAN and can transfer their deposit to their account. The opening and closing of an account are free of charge. Our management mandate starts when the client’s deposit is credited to the bank account. Even if the bank account has already been opened, the client can decide to withdraw from the contract without incurring any fees.

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