Asset Management

Tailored asset management

Our goal is to always ensure personalized financial solutions, which result from a deep understanding of our clients’ financial situation and goals. Each client is paired with a personal advisor who works to discover and build a flexible investment plan which can be amended in order to reflect bigger life changes such as retirement and expatriation. Our primary objectives are always twofold: ensuring our clients augment their source of income by following a steady cash flow approach while reliably building wealth and securing investments over a given period. Our comprehensive services are tailored to a lifetime of different requirements. We offer the advice and plans necessary to build and protect wealth for the medium to long term.


As an independent advisor, we include a range of investment options for our clients wholly free from the constraints so often imposed by outside pressures. The vast majority of the assets we manage are in carefully selected individual securities. It is the level of investment solutions and its independent asset management that allows us to customize stronger plans for our clients.

Focus on constant, predictable cash flow

Our clients have unique financial pictures and we work to build a cash flow approach that works to meet their long-term needs. We work to create investments that offer a constant source of income, as accurately estimated and forecasted as possible. This cash flow can take many forms, depending on the type of investment, but we never look at short-term results. Instead, we always create sustainability where possible.


Our services are designed with the protection of our clients’ assets in mind. Accounts remain the property of our clients at all times. The power of attorney granted to the Genève Invest Group is limited to the management of the clients’ assets, only they can transfer or withdraw any funds from their accounts. The invested capital is available at market value anytime – we solely invest in liquid securities.

Thanks to a highly effective diversification, a high level of planning reliability, constant monitoring, thorough in-house analysis and the usage of professional security tools, our managed bond portfolios have relatively low investment risks.


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