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Investing in sustainable investments is often associated with ESG criteria. These three letters stand for “Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance”, which can be translated as environmental and climate protection, social and human rights, and corporate management.

When it comes to environmental and climate protection, dealing efficiently and sparingly with resources, emissions, innovations, and nuclear energy is a key factor in protecting our planet’s natural resources. As far as social and human rights are concerned, the treatment of employees and respect for human rights, ethnic groups, diversity, consumer protection, animal welfare and responsibility for one’s own products are essential aspects that should be taken into account for all social impacts of the company’s activities. Human dignity should always be respected, and good conditions should prevail for all. Relevant to corporate governance are the conduct and compensation of company management, management structures, and conduct toward owners. Ethical principles should be characterized above all by transparency and fairness, both towards the public and within the company.

At Genève Invest, we have integrated sustainability issues into our own activities and corporate culture to provide excellent long-term services to our clients.


The Genève Invest company:

Transparency and responsibility are deeply embedded in our corporate culture. Compliance with international and national laws as well as our ethical principles determine our actions. All employees are individually coached and trained with the aim of offering an attractive workplace. We rise to the challenge of providing our customers with attractive and appropriate offers and products in the interests of sustainability. In doing so, we place a high value on sustainable and long-term value creation to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.


Investment process:

Genève Invest is convinced that sustainability is a crucial issue of our time and will influence events on a global level in the future. For this reason, we support the global shift towards a sustainable, climate-neutral, and socially responsible economy. Ecological, social, and corporate aspects are taken into account in fundamental analyses. Our focus is on investments offering long-term added value and not on speculative engagements promising short-term profit at high risk.

Individual asset management based on single stocks allows us to consider our clients’ specific preferences. At the express request of customers, we offer portfolios compliant with ESG standards. Investments in companies associated with weapons, human rights and labor rights violations, corruption and bribery, nuclear energy, environmental degradation, tobacco, alcohol, or gambling are avoided. Clients may specify detailed requirements to the team of our asset managers.

We include sustainable investment criteria in the evaluation of risks. Our analysis and documentation processes are not yet set up extensively enough for the investment process to fall under Article 6 (Transparency of the integration of sustainability risks) according to Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector. At present, our analysis and documentation processes are being expanded so that the investments and products we select are classified at least according to the disclosure regulation under Article 8 (Transparency when advertising environmental or social features in pre-contractual information).

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