Alternative Investments

In addition to traditional investments, Genève Invest also provides its clients with alternatives. For many years, alternative investments have been an important cornerstone of conservative institutional investors, such as the college funds of universities like Harvard and Yale, but also of pension funds in Switzerland.

If you choose to pursue this path, you will benefit from the many years of experience Genève Invest has in this area. Genève Invest thus gives clients the chance to diversify their portfolios with investments that are otherwise only traded in markets that are difficult to access.

Hedge funds

Hedge funds are similar to investment funds but are less regulated and are actively managed. They pursue a variety of investment strategies enabling them to still achieve returns if the stock markets experience a fall, thereby ‘hedging’ the risks.


Investing in property can either take place via the direct purchase of apartments or a building, or indirectly via shares, investments in properties, investment funds or so-called REITs.


Investments can be made directly as a physical investment or indirectly via index certificates, shares in commodity companies or investment funds.

Private equity

Private equity consists of private, long-term equity investments in companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange. Due to their strategy, private equity funds are classified. Investments in private equity funds are generally held over the long term with an investment horizon of several years.


Archived News
3 Investment Mistakes That Are Keeping You From Making Money

3 Investment Mistakes That Are Keeping You From Making Money

Successful investing isn’t about the money you make, it’s about the money that you keep. Without proper guidance, it’s possible to make investment mistakes. In general, professionals will have advantages over individuals when it comes to investing simply because they have more experience. 

Ten reasons that argue against an interest rate hike

Ten reasons that argue against an interest rate hike

For some time now, the ECB prime rate has been at a historic low, leaving investors in the fixed income sector with only a small return on many investments. Thus, both investors and borrowers are interested in the future development of interest rates. There are currently several reasons why it is unlikely that the ECB’s key interest rates will rise in the near future.

An insight to the seniority of corporate bond issues

An insight to the seniority of corporate bond issues

Holding a corporate bond is a bit like holding an IOU (“I owe you” – it signifies an outstanding debt) from a trusted friend. At the time the money is handed over it seems inconceivable that anything could go wrong. However, if you have enough IOUs with enough friends, eventually one of them will struggle to repay their debt. It may only happen once every hundred IOUs you hold but when it does occur, where do you stand? In the line of people who are owed money, are you are the start of the line, or all the way at the back?

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