Eight questions about Genève Invest 

When was Genève Invest founded?

The owners and officials of the Genève Invest Group had begun managing assets in the nineties in a type of family office. Eventually the founding of Genève Invest S.à.r.l. in Switzerland took place in 2002. This was the beginning of a successful collaboration with private clients, which persists to this day. In 2012 the Luxembourg subsidiary was founded as a public limited company under the name Genève Invest (Europe) S.A. with the goal of providing services to private and institutional clients.

Where is the headquarters of Genève Invest?

The headquarters of Genève Invest is in Geneva, Switzerland.

Where is Genève Invest represented by branch offices?

Genève Invest operates offices in Switzerland and Luxembourg.

What is the core competence of Genève Invest?

Genève Invest is an independent asset manager, which guides its clients in the asset investment of bonds and shares. The main focus is on Fixed Income securities. As a specialist in corporate bonds, our client’s assets are invested diverse and profitable.

Is Genève Invest a bank?

Genève Invest is an independent asset manager and not a bank. This ensures unbiased advice, detached of any interest conflicts within a banking operation. The assets entrusted to us are exempt from all sales targets and are managed exclusively in the interest of the client.

Which financial regulators supervise Genève Invest?

The Luxembourg subsidiary, Genève Invest (Europe) S.A., is subject to the Luxembourg financial regulator CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier).

The Swiss parent company, Genève Invest S.à.r.l., is a member of the Self-Regulating Organization Polyreg which is recognized by the Swiss financial supervision organization (FINMA). Polyreg supervises Genève Invest S.à.r.l. with respect to Article 24 of the Money Laundering Act.

Does Genève Invest belong to a deposit protection fund?

Genève Invest (Europe) S.A. is a member of the Luxembourg investor compensation scheme SIIL (Système d’indemnisation des investisseurs Luxembourg – a system of reimbursement for Luxembourg investors). Our partner bank in Germany, V-Bank in Munich, is a member of the German deposit protection fund.

Does Genève Invest belong to an association?

The subsidiary Genève Invest (Europe) S.A. is a member of the Luxembourg association of professional asset managers ALPP (association Luxembourgeoise des Professionnels du Patrimoine a.s.b.l.).

The parent company Genève Invest S.à.r.l. in Switzerland belongs to the self-regulation organisation PolyReg, a federation of Swiss asset managers recognized by the Federal Financial Administration.

Eight questions about the investments of Genève Invest

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment is EUR 100.000. This amount is necessary to ensure an adequate degree of diversification in order to lower the risks of your investment. Our clients benefit from investment advantages which are otherwise usually only available to institutional clients.

Are investments solely made in Euro?

Investments are primarily made in Euro, however, we also follow a currency diversification apporach and make use of investing opportunities in other currencies. If requested by the client, the asset management agreement can be worded in such a way that investments are solely made in a specific currency.

How long is capital tied up when managed by Genève Invest?

There are two points to be considered answering this question:

Bonds acquired by Genève Invest usually have a residual maturity of four to seven years. This investment approach, generally leads to significantly higher returns than investing in shorter-term securities.

All investments are listed on the stock exchange and can therefore be sold daily. We only invest in liquid assets. Thus, clients of Genève Invest can have a portion or the total investment paid back on any business day. There is no contractual minimum term. The collaboration with Genève Invest can be terminated at any time. As such, clients enjoy excellent flexibility with respect to their invested funds.

Are the investments of Genève Invest transparent?

Our investment approach and the asset investments are completely transparent and comprehensible for clients. Once the investment specifications have been agreed on, the provided capital will be invested. All details can be followed by clients on a daily basis via a personal online banking access.

What are the nationalities of Genève Invest clients?

The majority of Genève Invest clients reside in Germany, France, Italy and the UK. However, Genève Invest also advises investors from many other countries around the world.

What are the asset management fees?

The cost structure at Genève Invest is very simple and transparent. Our remuneration is based on the amount of the assets under management. All incurred costs of our partner banks are greatly reduced thanks to special agreements.

With which banks does Genève Invest collaborate?

Genève Invest (Europe) S.A. currently works with the following banks:

  • V-Bank AG, Germany
  • Banque International à Luxembourg S.A. (BIL), Luxembourg
  • Aquila & Co. AG, Switzerland
  • Strateo, Switzerland

Is the managed capital transferred to Genève Invest?

No, Genève Invest does not take possession of any assets. Our clients open their own accounts at one of our partner banks. Genève Invest is conferred a limited power of attorney for these accounts, in order to implement the pre-agreed investment strategy.

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