Why fixed-rate corporate bonds
belong in every portfolio

Why invest in fixed-income?

Building a portfolio with growth potential doesn’t mean you have to take unnecessary risks. Our fixed income portfolios are designed to provide you with continuous stable returns. Based on audited corporate bonds, these investments offer a level of collateral comparable to that of government bonds, with significantly higher returns.

Why Genève Invest?

Genève Invest is an experienced specialist in fixed income corporate bonds and enables private investors to create a professional portfolio that is otherwise only possible for institutional investors such as pension funds or college funds.

Genève Invest - Your independent asset manager

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    Dependable Returns

    Interest payments occur on a fixed schedule. This means you’ll know when and where your investment growth will occur. Consistent returns are the backbone of fixed income portfolios.

    Profit Stability

    Our team calculates the expected yield from every corporate bond in a fixed income portfolio. You can sit back and let your investments do the work for you with less hassle, and less worry.

    Low Risk

    The Genève Invest approach of broad diversification, sound analysis, and professional security tools ensures a comparatively low risk for your investments. Rest easy knowing you're in good hands.

    Why fixed income investments belong in every portfolio

    The return on federal bonds has been significantly reduced in recent years, with the performance of many bonds growing at a inferior rate than inflation.

    This means that conservative investors need a new source of dependable, secure investments.

    That’s where Genève Invest’s Fixed Income Portfolios come in.

    Based in highly vetted corporate bonds, these investments are able to deliver the dependability of government bonds, while yielding significantly higher returns.

    How the growth of a sample Fixed Income Portfolio compares to other traditional investments

    * Based on audited performance results from 2009-2020. Please CLICK HERE for a detailed look at our Investment Performance Results (audited by BDO).

    As an independent Swiss asset management firm, and specialist in the area of fixed-interest investment types, Genève Invest has generated proven annualized returns of 6 percent over the past five years by purchasing corporate bonds listed on the stock exchange (KPMG & BDO audited performance results).

    What you’ll receive with a Genève Invest Fixed Income Portfolio

    Our expert team of wealth managers utilize a wide array of professional databases and modern analytical tools to select the best bonds to meet your investing goals. Our selection process includes a comprehensive analysis of potential issuers and guarantors, whom we meet before structuring a portfolio. This gives us a thorough understanding of how each company in question is managed. As Value Investors, we take advantage of fluctuations in the market to secure bonds at an attractive price.

    We diversify the investment across the largest possible number of bonds so that the risk of individual portfolios failing is kept low.

    During the bond’s ownership period, all relevant factors are monitored continuously. In addition to developing crucial balance sheet information, we track key performance indicators, such as debt level, operating profit, and cash flow. Our wealth managers carefully track all of these factors to ensure you remain invested in highly-stable funds. If a bond is underperforming, we can adjust accordingly.

    The returns on Fixed Income securities are typically reduced when the residual term decreases. As a rule, this effect is more substantial with corporate bonds than with government bonds. Because we do not retain most of our bonds until the repayment date, we can use this interest curve effect to generate additional yields.

    In contrast to banks’ savings bonds and time deposits, the money invested in the purchase of corporate bonds is not tied up for a specific period. Instead, the bonds can be sold via the stock exchange at the market price at any time. Our clients can view the performance and sales value of their portfolio positions at any time, through their secure account portal.

    When constructing our portfolios, we pay attention to the seniority of the bond. This means that we are generally high up in the ranking of debtors and, in case of insolvency, we are awarded a high recovery rate. For a portfolio of 30 different bonds (or more) with an average repayment rate of 50 per cent for senior bonds (in the case of a default), the potential default risk of one single bond in relation to the whole portfolio is less than 1.7 per cent.

    How we measure investment success for our clients

    To ensure the highest level of transparency, we analyzed the returns of client portfolios during the period of 2009-2020 and had the results and methodology audited by the auditing firms KPMG & BDO, Switzerland.

    View our performance results >>

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        Ja, ich bin einverstanden, dass meine oben aufgeführten Daten von der Genève Invest (Europe) S.A. 10, rue Michel Rodange, L-2430 Luxembourg genutzt werden, um mir weitere Informationen per Post, per Telefon und per E-Mail zu übermitteln.