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Capital Market Outlook 2022

Optimise your 2022 investments!


Our Capital Market Outlook for 2022 can help you to understand best investments for 2022.

Capital Market Outlook – The return of inflation: One-hit wonder or evergreen?


A good outlook requires looking at the big picture!


We have experienced things in the past two years that are in some respects historically unique – but not in the way many of us feel. That is why it is worth taking a step back to put things in their true perspective.

Instead of despairing over a seemingly unsolvable situation, it is usually worth taking a step back. You can then look at things from a distance and recognise connections. The distance and the view of the whole make it easier to see structures and find solutions.

Without question, the pandemic continued to occupy us throughout 2021. The economy was able to continue its recovery throughout the year, even if a few dark clouds appeared on the horizon, although some of them disappeared. Contrary to the scepticism of many investors, the capital markets proved to be very robust in 2021.

What will happen in 2022? Which is the best investment for 2022?

In our Capital Market Outlook 2022, which we offer to you as a free download, we look back at 2021 and explain in detail our assessments for 2022. Optimise and position your financial investments in 2022 with the right strategy!

Topics include:

  • Looking back at 2021: Inflation – a bogus giant
  • Winners and losers: Europe still needs time
  • Market outlook: Into the coming year with optimism
  • Bonds: Government bonds as a central bank investment
  • Equities: Still the asset class with the highest returns
  • FX: An overvalued dollar and a weak euro
  • Commodities: The paradox of commodity prices
  • Danger spots in 2022: Murphy’s law still applies
  • Looking forward: Our strategy for 2022

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