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8 Avoidable Mistakes in Retirement Planning

Valuable Insights: 8 Avoidable Mistakes in Retirement Planning

Our free information brochure gives you essential advice so you can avoid making serious retirement planning errors:

Avoidable Mistakes in Retirement Planning

Valuable insights

As an established asset management firm with more than 20 years of experience and over 1,000 clients, Genève Invest is one of the most respected representatives in the financial industry.

These decades of experience enable us to provide you, as a private investor, with valuable insights into the field of profitable asset management – first-hand.

Building capital assets takes time, effort and knowledge. The same applies to management. We are happy to pass on our knowledge to you in this information brochure.

The most common mistake: Is taking the time to make a detailed retirement plan!

Many people don’t have nearly enough saved for retirement and miss out on the benefits that compound interest and investment returns bring.

Take the time to make a detailed retirement plan. Not knowing what you will need in retirement creates uncertainty and makes the thought of retirement scary. Once you make a plan, it’s not nearly as bad as you thought – and you can sleep soundly at night.

If, like many people, you have no idea what your life will look like in 15 or 30 years, develop several different possible scenarios and make a separate plan for each one. One plan may be based on selling your house, another on keeping it, another on moving. Then start saving and investing, and don’t worry if you have to start small. Look for hidden savings by reducing monthly bills, such as refinancing a mortgage or cancelling a landline phone – and transfer the money you save to your retirement account.


The Genève Invest Group has been successfully active in the field of asset management for many years, offering you valuable insights into the capital market. Learn why a detailed retirement plan is of immense importance and which mistakes you should avoid at all costs when planning.

Invest as early as possible and diversify effectively!

Retirement seems like something that is light-years away. The fact is, however, that life moves pretty fast. And it’s no secret that the earlier you save for retirement, the better. Right now, you may be thinking that you need your income to live on, so you can’t put that much aside for your retirement. However, take the time to do a thorough review of your expenses. Even a monthly pension contribution of €100 to €500 could mean a difference of thousands of euros at the end of your working life.

Diversification is essential. It is not uncommon for someone who has worked for the same company for many years to keep a large proportion of that company’s shares in their portfolio. Some people think they can do without diversification because they feel they “know their company best”, and others simply don’t think about it. From a risk management perspective, a retiree’s investment portfolio should contain no more than about 5-10% of any given stock to cushion the potential failure of any single investment […]

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