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Tax optimisation

Our clients have individual tax situations and are domiciled all over the world.

Compliance with the legal framework

Genève Invest’s clients have a wide range of backgrounds and are based all over the world. However, they have one thing in common: the obligation to comply with the tax regulations of the countries in which they reside. Our clients use our services because of the quality of our management and performance, not because of tax evasion or fraud. Opening an account in Switzerland or Luxembourg for our clients residing abroad is legal as long as they are transparent with their tax authorities regarding these accounts and the income and capital gains generated. We, therefore, urge all our clients to take to heart the tax regulations to which they are subject. The fight against tax evasion and money laundering is part of Genève Invest’s DNA. We also ensure that the assets deposited with our partner banks are sound and documented. In this respect, the Genève Invest Group is subject to the strictest compliance regulations in Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Customised tax solutions in wealth management

The tax implications of Genève Invest’s solutions need to be considered from the outset in the client’s wealth management strategy. Each country has specific rules, but it is often possible to optimise the management of a portfolio from a tax point of view without disregarding the legal framework of the country concerned. We offer all our clients a free personal consultation to jointly examine the possibilities for optimising the taxation of financial investments. Depending on our clients’ situation and objectives, we can build a portfolio that generates a regular income or capitalisation. For instance, if our clients are either in mid-career or retired, the assets under management do not necessarily have to be invested in the same way. A retiree will often prefer to receive a regular income, even though it may be subject to direct taxation. In contrast, a professional will usually choose to reinvest the interest to build up capital and defer taxation. The various investment strategies we offer can be built up in a distribution or capitalisation form. It is also possible to change the portfolio structure at any time if there is a significant change in the client’s life. In addition to the tax implications of Genève Invest`s investments, other issues need to be taken into account and considered in advance, such as cross-border taxation, wealth transfer and inheritance planning. These issues are becoming increasingly complex. We, therefore, advise our clients to seek the help of professionals. Genève Invest provides its clients with a network of tax specialists, lawyers and notaries to find individual solutions. On request, we arrange appointments with our specialised partners to ensure that all aspects of our clients’ wealth management are taken into account.

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