Why Genève Invest?


Our chief priority is meeting the needs of individuals and corporations who choose to invest with us. We pride ourselves on the high level of engagement with each client. To this end, we do not endorse the products of any particular third-party institutions and only promote products that provide our clients with the most consistent returns. Our approach is based exclusively on our clients’ unique situations and investment objectives.

Customized investment solutions

Each client engagement begins with an in-depth discussion of the individual’s unique situation and objectives. Fusing this insight with a thorough assessment of current market conditions, our financial specialists independently select the most suitable investments. We work with each client to clearly define an agreement on the appropriate capital allocation structure between investments and ascertain whether more secure frameworks and/or various dynamic securities will offer the returns they desire.
Client needs are paramount.

To ensure the highest levels of satisfaction, Genève Invest offers:

Absolute Transparency

Via secure online banking platforms, clients enjoy direct access to financial investments. They may track performance and check the current status of their portfolio at any time. Additionally, they receive monthly deposit statements, and semi-annual analyses are available upon request.

Financial Flexibility

The assets entrusted to Genève Invest are not restricted in any way. Clients are free to withdraw part or all of their invested capital at any time without incurring extra costs.

Competitive Rates

Strategic partnerships with our depository banks enable us to offer more advantageous rates. There is no charge to open an account, and all investments are completed without asset-based fees. This represents significant savings, and order and management fees are up to 50 per cent lower than those charged by traditional banks.

A clear investment strategy

Specific investment strategies are guided by the specific aims of clients. To meet these goals, we manage portfolios that encompass investments in three different asset classes:

Fixed Income Investments:

We specialize in assessing and evaluating fixed income securities, investing primarily in high-yield corporate bonds.

Value-Stock Investments:

Our investment specialists carefully select companies that are currently undervalued and pay steadily high dividends.

Alternative Investments:

If clients desire, we can invest a portion of the managed assets in alternative investments. These encompass investments in hedge funds, property, commodities and/or private equity funds.


Archived News
Buying tomorrow’s winners today, at low prices

Buying tomorrow’s winners today, at low prices

If you want to earn more than the market offers with undervalued stocks, you have to spot future developments early.

Text by Mark van Huisseling

“We don’t see a bubble and continue to focus on technology stocks as well.”

“We don’t see a bubble and continue to focus on technology stocks as well.”

Helge Müller of Genève Invest recommends an adjustment: value stocks instead of just growth stocks, and investments in sectors that have been neglected for a while.

Interview: Mark van Huisseling

How Can You Benefit From a Portfolio Analysis?

How Can You Benefit From a Portfolio Analysis?

There are plenty of resources investors can study to learn more about portfolio-management strategies. However, these tips are often too generic to be helpful. They don’t take into account what you’re saving for, and how your investments are faring in a volatile market.

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