Our Partner Banks

A Beneficial Partnership

Why does Genève Invest work with selected depository banks? They offer the infrastructure that enables us to optimally manage investments for our clients. We cooperate with top-tier banks located in three of the most politically and financially stable countries: Switzerland, Luxembourg and Germany.

These banks are not involved in investment decisions. Our advisors independently select securities for our clients based on their specific financial objectives. Our partner banks do, however, provide enhanced benefits and competitive rates to our clients. We match each client with the bank that will meet their unique needs by estimating the number and type of securities necessary to successfully implement the strategy. We then provide the client with a quote regarding expected costs at different banks.

Depository Banks

Genève Invest’s clients enjoy competitive and secure service with highly advantageous rights. Thanks to our strategic partnership with depository banks, we offer one of the leading platforms in deposit management – and our clients avoid the higher rates and fees of traditional banks.

To ensure maximum convenience, we open an account in each client’s name. This empowers them to actively monitor investments via secure internet access. In the initial stages of client engagement, we develop mutually defined contracts and investment frameworks, based on the clients’ personal and financial situations and goals. As their asset manager, clients grant Genève Invest limited management authorization. This enables us to realize investment opportunities that align with and support their wealth management objectives.

Your advantages by having an account with our partner banks:


Client accounts provide secure access to capital at any time via the depository bank website. While authorized to manage clients’ wealth, Genève Invest does not have direct access to your credit.

Advantageous Rates:

As experienced asset managers, Genève Invest has access to discounts (such as transaction costs, entrance fees, etcetera). We extend these beneficial rates to our clients. Each client’s account opening is free of charge, and we offer significantly more favorable rates (up to 50 percent regarding order and holding charges) compared to big banking houses. In addition, our partnerships with depository banks allow us to offer rates and conditions that outperform those found at traditional banks.


Clients can monitor their account status and track portfolio performance online. In addition, partner banks provide regular deposit statements, and we are happy to generate more detailed performance analyses, if requested.


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