Mission Statement

The Genève Invest Group, based in Luxembourg and Geneva, delivers individual investment solutions, steady performance and risk-conscious behavior across generations. Our mission is to protect and grow the assets our clients have entrusted to us over the medium to long-term. As specialists in active asset management and fixed income securities, we provide complete transparency and responsible advice tailored to each client’s specific needs.


Our Clients

We offer a full range of wealth management solutions to meet the complex needs of individuals, families and corporations worldwide. Our clients demand individualized advice and insight informed by extensive experience and expertise; Genève Invest understands each client’s unique objectives and is committed to providing sound guidance and exclusive investment opportunities to achieve them.

Our Customers

Our Investment Approach

Every client has unique challenges and different goals. Our experienced investment professionals work diligently with each client to clarify their personal and financial situations in order to establish appropriate wealth management strategies. While individual client needs drive strategy, Genève Invest generally operates with a conservative approach with a clear focus set on constant and predictable cash flow. Our objective is to offer our clients regular wealth growth while avoiding speculative choices.

Our Customers

Our Investment Strategy

Our conservative investment strategies are designed to increase the prosperity of our clients. Customized portfolios reflect clients’ individual needs – and empowers them to achieve their aims. Our strategy is adapted to protect assets and provide steady income growth while eschewing speculative or volatile investment options.

The Genève Invest Group provides fully customized financial solutions including, but not limited to:

  • Fixed-income investments in corporate bonds.
  • Dynamic value investments in stocks.
  • Alternative investments with the potential for higher income in the long-term.
Our Customers

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Private retirement planning: Fixed-income Investments as an additional pension

Private retirement planning: Fixed-income Investments as an additional pension

When the time comes to retire, sometimes pensions and savings are not enough; old-age poverty has become a real issue. Accurate and up-to-date portfolio and management is the key to success when it comes to retirement planning. According to numerous studies, on average 42 percent of the working population fear that the state pension will not cover their future living costs, and the self-employed are not an exception. At least one in every ten freelancers will not have enough funds to sustain themselves by retirement age.

Differences between female & male investment strategies

Differences between female & male investment strategies

Whether you are buying a new couch, car or house, individual preferences will always be different. Factor in gender, and, as any married couple will know, preferences become even more complex. Portfolio management is a process that involves trust between a client and an asset manager in order to develop a secure investment strategy to improve the investment portfolio, and pitch it at a level of appropriate risk for the client’s risk appetite.

Fixed income – Strict security criteria: The road to profitable portfolio investments

Fixed income – Strict security criteria: The road to profitable portfolio investments

In this day and age investors want security above all else. Investors have been paying more attention to fixed income investments in the form of corporate bonds. Portfolio management can be stressful for an investor of any financial means, so options that involve a guaranteed return can be attractive to any investor. According to experts, fixed deposit investments are an appealing alternative to high-risk or ‘inflation-exposed’ forms of investment.


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