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Genève Invest is an experienced Fixed Income specialist and enables private investors the compilation of a professional portfolio, which is otherwise only possible for institutional investors such as pension funds and college funds.

Annualized Performance of all Genève Invest client accounts in the period from 2009 to 2015 (in Euro):

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We provide a full range of wealth management solutions to meet the complex needs of our clients. Each client’s unique objectives are complied with customized investment opportunities. Besides profound experience & expertise, find out why our clients choose to work with Genève Invest.

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Our Investment Strategy

Our conservative investment strategies are designed to increase the prosperity of our clients. Genève Invest provides fully customized financial solutions including: Fixed Income investments in corporate bonds, dynamic value investments in quality Shares & Alternative Investments with the potential for higher income in the long-term.

Our Investment Approach

Unique investment goals require suitable wealth management strategies. Genève Invest generally operates with a conservative approach with a clear focus set on constant and predictable cash flow. Our objective is to offer clients consistent wealth growth while avoiding speculative choices.

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An insight into the maturity and duration of bonds

An insight into the maturity and duration of bonds

A bond is a security which can be purchased by private as well as institutional investors. A certain term (maturity term) is set and the bond has to be repaid once the bond matures. Interests are usually paid at regular intervals (quarterly, semi-annually or annually) during its maturity term. The extent of these interest payments are generally specified in advance, which is why bonds are also referred to as Fixed Income securities.

Report from Genève Invest on the Swiss economy and the removal of the EUR/CHF exchange rate floor

Report from Genève Invest on the Swiss economy and the removal of the EUR/CHF exchange rate floor

Amongst the most prestigious asset management companies in Europe, Genève Invest has released a financial and economic analysis which seeks to draw conclusions from 2015, the year that will probably go down in Swiss history as some kind of “year zero”. The decision to remove the exchange rate floor between the Euro and Swiss franc made by the Swiss National Bank in January 2015 put literally all of Switzerland’s crucial export sectors under enormous pressure.

Understanding a corporate bond’s prospectus

Understanding a corporate bond’s prospectus

Corporate Bonds are an investment tool. Prospective investors interested in these securities have certain things they want to know about the bond related to the risk and return before investing. To help answer these questions, a corporate bond issuer will assemble a legal document known as a prospectus that should include everything an investor wants to know about the bond in order to make a wise decision.


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